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Published Scoring System | Understanding the SOCi Score

How does SOCi score a post based on the scoring analytics provided that are linked to the published post. 

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  • Hi Laura,

    Great question! Please see the information below: 

    What goes into the SOCi Score, and how can you improve it?

    • Our SOCi score is created via a unique algorithm that is heavily weighted on the ratio between reach and engagement. Because of this, a low score isn't necessarily bad as you can have plenty of eyes on your post and good engagement (e.g. 2000 people reach, 20 likes/comments = 1/100 or 1%).

    Here are a few tips to increase reach and engagement?

    • Remember, engagement is key! Content specific to your clients' fans has consistently shown to perform well, especially giveaways/contests and events. This could be the time that you ask your clients to send you photos of their events or day-to-day happenings to implement into your strategy.
    • My personal favorite is creating local posts. Depending on your social strategy and guarantees, sharing the most relevant local and educational information to bolster a page's credibility is always a great idea.
    • You may also promote more engagement by sharing content from other Facebook pages or places. Sharing content tends to prompt more engagement and prompt fans to re-visit your page because they will view it as a local resource.

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