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What is the coolest thing you have done with dynamic content insertion? We have used it for addressing the city by name & sending people to appointment links. Any outside the box uses?

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  • I've used Dynamic Text to provide fundraising links. I had a few locations participating in the same event but were in different cities so their links were unique. It worked extremely well and I plan on using more dynamic text as a result!

  • Oh cool! I have yet to use this tool. Thanks for the idea!

  • I used it with group posting. My restaurants were all running a special but each one was a bit unique. I was able to create a new dynamic text field, insert it at the end of the copy and it worked like a charm! {%Special} turned into "From now until 1/30 get $2 off an appetizer when you mention this post to your waiter.", "From now until 1/30 receive a free dessert with the purchase of 2 entrees.", and "From now until 1/30 enjoy BOGO bacon cheeseburgers!" Super easy to use!  

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