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Reputation Sentiment

How have you been using your sentiment tool? Has it proven helpful?

  • I have used my Sentiment tool to track key issues within my communities. The sentiment tool allows me to see an overview of the terms that are being used in negative ways in order to effectively communicate with my team what we should be working to improve! For instance “parking” has been used in negative sentiment and we have been working to create more parking spots for our residents as well as better enforce our parking rules.

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  • I have used it in a similar way. As a restaurant, we are always looking to improve our service and quality. The review sentiment tool has allowed us to hone in on what can seem like minor mistakes but when it comes to customer satisfaction it goes a long way! Having the key words pulled for us has made it easier to give our team direction and ultimately provide better dining experiences. 

  • Hey all, I think it is also important to take the words in green as seriously as those in red. By showing our team what they've been doing well, we've been able to improve our team's culture and overall work ethic. A little praise goes a long way! 

  • Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  • I second that, A! We have actually seen a few of our team members' names pop up in our sentiment tool in green. This has encouraged us to start an employee of the month program and we will be using this tool as a reference in our decision making. 

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